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Karaite and Lithuanian cuisine at the legendary restaurant The Old Kybyn Inn

Situated on Karaimų Street, Trakai, next to the iron Karaite Bridge dividing the two lakes, The Old Kybyn Inn has been operating since 1979. Reconstructed for the third time, the restaurant continues to cherish old Karaite traditions, including the baking of kybyns.

Lithuania should be grateful for its highly popular kybyns to Vytautas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, who some 600 years ago brought Karaites to Lithuania along with their kybyns. Surprisingly enough, Lithuania has never counted more than two or three thousand Karaites, while their kybyns simply conquered the whole country.

The kybyns of the Lithuanian Karaites are stuffed not only with chopped mutton or beef. Some 3o years ago, our first kybyn inn, then named The Old Kybyn Inn, started baking butter-based kybyns stuffed with pork, which soon became popular. Eventually, besides meat, the restaurant started stuffing kybyns with mushrooms, vegetables, curd and even chocolate or nuts. However, the kybyns name and the popularity of this dish brought to us by the Karaites have remained unchanged.

The Royal Old Kybyn Inn restaurant in Sausių Village, Trakai District opened its doors in 2008. It is located at the 23rd kilometre on the Vilnius-Kaunas highway.

Standing in a nice and strategically convenient place, The Royal Old Kybyn Inn restaurant is the best choice for those who are planning various activities in the Trakai District neighbouring Vilnius. Our large and spacious halls will accommodate any party, family events, weddings or important business events, including presentations, press conferences, seminars or official banquets, etc. Easy access and large parking lots contribute to the overall comfort of the guests.

Our restaurants not only offer more than 16 types of kybyns but also focus on Lithuanian cuisine. Even the most exacting gourmet will appreciate our Lithuanian dishes and original drinks included in the menu of The Old Kybyn Inn restaurants. Not only visitors from within Lithuania, but also foreign tourist groups are kindly invited to try our Karaite or Lithuanian cuisine.

The Old Kybyn Inn, the legendary restaurant that makes Trakai famous, was the first to get certification by the Culinary Heritage Fund for the authenticity of its recipes for Karaite kybyns made at the restaurant. All of The Old Kybyn Inn tradition-preserving restaurants are not only certified by the Culinary Heritage Fund, but have also received the national heritage product certificate.

Located in attractive and original buildings, the restaurants are distinguished for their splendid and delicate interior design, unforgettable Karaite and Lithuanian cuisine dishes, pleasant service and special atmosphere.

Everyone eager to become familiar with the Karaite cuisine culture is invited not only to try a kybyn, but also to learn to bake one by oneself.

It’s good to know you are always welcome!

"Karališka Senoji Kibininė" - Sausių village,  Trakai district
"Senoji kibininė" - Karaimų str. 65, Trakai
"Senoji kibininė pica" - Karaimų str. 63, Trakai
"Senoji kibininė prie tilto" - Karaimų str. 41B, Trakai
"Senoji kibininė in the Trakų Vokė" - Tiškevičiaus str. 22, Trakų Vokė 
"Senoji kibininė" - Verkių str. 29, Vilnius
"Senoji kibininė"- Vilniaus str.12, Vilnius
"Senoji kibininė" - Ateities str. 98, Vilnius
"Senoji kibininė" - Gedimino str. 9A, Vilnius

Tel.: + 370 528 55 865

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