Lithuanian homemade bread baking programme

Piliakalnio str. 12, Žuklijų village,
Trakai district (25 km from Trakai)
Ph.: +370 698 17 029



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Homemade bread baking training workshops are arranged for groups up to 50 people at Valley House in the ethnographic room, which holds a collection of ancient household utensils. Each visitor to Valley House forms loaves of bread, puts them into the furnace, and while they are baking, he is told about the ancient bread baking customs and traditions, ancient utensils which were used for cutting, threshing and grinding grains. After the workshop everyone takes their formed and baked loaf of bread.

Number of participants: from 15 up to 50 persons

Price for the groups up to 15 persons – 75 Eur.

If there are more than 15 people in the group, the price is 5 Eur for each participant.

“Valley House“ Piliakalnio st. 12, Žuklijų village, Trakai district

The date and time of the educational program must be reserved in advance by e-mail

+370 698 17 029