72 h in Vilnius. Day 3: Explore Trakai

If you are willing to escape from city life come to Trakai. It takes only 30 min by bus until you experience more than you expected!


Trakai – one of the oldest capitals in Lithuania, rich of legends, history and nature.
It is situated in Trakai Historical National Park where are 200 lakes!
As well as Vilnius old town the park is in UNESCO heritage list.
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Things to do in Trakai

Visit the castleThe castle was built in a few phases starting from 14th century, on the biggest three lakes in Trakai. It is one of the main objects representing Lithuanian culture, history and is the only castle in Eastern Europe built on a lake! In 15th century village was a large, open and multicultural city. According to the stories, Vytautas the Great brought the Karaims – a people speaking the Turkic language – from the Black sea and since then have preserved their traditions.
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Take a boat trip. Since it is a very touristic place there are a few boat tours which you could take but one of the most popular is “Skaistis”. In months of May, June and July it runs daily every half past an hour from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, tour from August until October run by shortened schedule.
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Try traditional karaims dish – kybyn a small pasty stuffed with minced meat, vegetables or cheese. There are plenty of bakeries and restaurants in Trakai where you can order them, but personally, I would choose “Senoji Kibinine“.
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Walk in the old town. Either it is a sunny or rainy day catch a glimpse on the lovely wooden houses, traditional architecture, kenesa – karaims’ holy place like a synagogue – situated at the heart of the old town, and do not miss a visit to Trakai peninsula castle.
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