Mask up, again

July 31, 2020

With over 100 new coronavirus infections confirmed over the past week, there is a palpable sense that the pandemic might be resurging. Lithuania’s health minister, who leads the country’s Covid-19 response, has even agreed to cut his five-week holidays (to four) and check in every Friday. Meanwhile the members of the cabinet who are not on a break decided to bring back mandatory facemasks.

As of Saturday, one must wear a mask in shopping malls, supermarkets and on public transport, though not in restaurants, theatre or sports games. The government has insisted that business lockdowns – like in March–May – are not in the plans.

Meanwhile Lithuania’s epidemiologists are sounding the alarm: the infection rate has gone up and an alarming number of new cases could not be traced to any known clusters. “Imported” infections are also on the rise, prompting the government to expand its blacklist of coronavirus-affected countries.

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