Moša village., Aukštadvaris, Trakai region
GPS: 54.580359, 24.549050
Ph.: +370 635 55363
Facebook: Navos Smuklė

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Nearby Aukštadvaris town you will find very beautiful and cozy place “Navos smuklė” (Nava Tavern).

The nature here shows all its power of creativity. We don’t even need to think about enchanting compositions on plates – we just prepare simple, tasty and filling food for you (as one wise person said, let “food be in bars and pictures in frames”).

You can reach us from Vilnius (50 km) by the old royal road – once connecting the castles of Vilnius, Trakai and Birštonas, it has now turned into a picturesque section of the international highway. Driving from Kaunas will take you longer, but that’s no less sad because there is something to look at on this winding road as well.

You will be able not only enjoy your food but also to immerse your eyes in the freshness of the lake and unconsciously will be hypnotized by the sun. In winter time, the cozy fire in our hall’s fireplace will warm you up, and if you have skates, you are welcome to do a spin on frozen lake.