Country House “STRĖVA”

Strėvos village 2, Trakai district
(16 km. from Trakai)
Ph.: +370 686 49175
+370 686 49200

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The homestead stands on the shore of the beautiful Gilušis Lake, surrounded on all sides by forests and lakes. The eastern side of the homestead borders the Strėva stream, the western side – with the forest. From the sauna to the lake just a few meters. The whole territory of the homestead (0.6 ha) is fenced.

You will find the homestead near Strėva village, only 40 km from Vilnius, 16 km from Trakai. The homestead is built in Aukštadvaris Regional Park, therefore it is surrounded by many places of interest and nature of extraordinary beauty. The homestead can accommodate 46 people at a time. There are 12 bedrooms for guests, a separate room for the newlyweds, a spacious banquet hall, an outdoor terrace with a fireplace and a large gazebo of up to 100 m2, which can easily accommodate 50 people. The homestead is equipped with modern equipment: well-equipped kitchen and bathroom, satellite TV, music center, projector. Holidaymakers are provided with all the necessary items for recreation, can use boats and a bridge. Those who like active recreation will be able to play beach volleyball, which is located just 10 m from the lake. Anglers will not be disadvantaged either – the lake is rich in various fish.

It is an ideal place for relaxation, private parties, weddings, corporate celebrations, conferences, seminars.

The homestead is waiting for you only during the summer.