Event date: 2023-02-18
Event place: Užutrakis manor Palace
Coordinator: Trakai Region Culture and Crafts Association, Directorate of Trakai Historical National Park
Categories: Other Free admission For children Open air

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Winter, winter get out of the yard! Tired of cold and darkness, say the people in disguise and everyone who gathered to celebrate the end of winter in Trakai. Mardi Gras (Užgavėnės in Lithuanian) is a winter festival that symbolizes the banishment of winter in order to summon spring as soon as possible. It’s the time when the post-Christmas fun ends and the period of pre-Easter concentration begins.

Another symbol of Mardi Gras is Morė, it symbolizes fertility as it’s burned at the stake to be reborn later. Burning Morė “banishes” accumulated evil, all the illnesses, anger and, of course, boring winter. It’s believed that with Morė the darkness burns as well, and life becomes better, easier and more fun. Having rolled in the snow, one will be healthier and happier.

At the event, merchants and shopkeepers will sell handmade and factory products which are made of gold and silver. Also, you can find and buy some traditional Mardi Gras dishes and drinks. 

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