Trakai Land Polish Culture Festival “Sound Polish Song!” („Dźwięcz, Polska Pieśni!“)

Event date: 2023-09-05
Event place: Swing park in Trakai
Coordinator: Trakai District Branch of the Lithuanian Union of Poles
Categories: Other For children Festivals Open air Concerts

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Trakai Land Polish Culture Festival “Sound Polish Song!” („Dźwięcz, Polska Pieśni!“)

The power of music is limitless. It not only heals, evokes memories, allows creativity to spread but also unites different perspectives, different generations, and, sometimes, the nation itself. The traditional Trakai Land Polish Culture Festival, organized by Trakai District Branch of the Lithuanian Union of Poles, invites to foster and preserve authentic traditions as well as cultural and historical legacy of the Lithuanian-Polish nation every year. The fun event, which has lasted for almost thirty years, is a great opportunity to integrate the nation’s traditions into the cultural life of Lithuania, preserve one’s own culture, nurture, promote and represent folk as well as national traditions in the native country and abroad, foster tolerance and respect for other nations’ culture and encourage intercultural dialogue among national minorities.

During the festival, which travels through the towns of Trakai district, the participants enjoy not only dances and songs but also prayers, exhibitions, joint processions, and other festive activities. It‘s an event full of bright mood and fun traditions. During the whole period of the event’s existence, the festival has reached the international level, therefore it’s welcomed not only by the residents of Trakai region but also by the participants and guests from various countries. Usually, the preparation for the festival starts quite early, which ensures completeness, perfect timing and great mood. Bands gather for joint rehearsals, the song arrangements are being prepared, meetings with the orchestra are being held, preparations for an exhibition are being made, etc. The event is characterized by its high quality – amateur art groups along with professional orchestras and performers such as Evelina Sašenko can perform on one stage and deliver joint pieces of music.

If one tried to measure this event by numbers from the beginning of its existence, everything would look like this: two hundred guest groups, over ten thousand participants and over fifty project events. However, is it possible to measure created emotions, mood, and the level of happiness of those involved in the festival by numbers? Definitely not! Only on arrival to the festival one can experience this unique joy and get acquainted with authentic traditions of the Lithuanian-Polish nation as well as visit many great places within Trakai region.


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