A New gaze at Trakai        

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A miniature wooden town is encircled by several lakes. This is Trakai we know. Moreover, historical capital of ancient Lithuania fascinates with its wooden architecture, medieval castles, and magnificent scenery and at the same time – a modern face of the town.
Trakai can be proclaimed being one of the most visited spots on the cultural tourism map.  The former capital with all the ancient castles lies beside the current Vilnius metropolis and now is the attribute of Lithuanian tourism.
Trakai cannot be imagined without the residencies of Lithuanian Grand Dukes living earlier in the Island and Peninsula Castles, karaites ethnography as well as sacred exhibitions. The pride of Lithuania, Trakai is the only in all Eastern Europe, situated in the island. At the end of the 14th-15th century Trakai castle was a summer residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

The medieval character of Trakai is used by numerous knights’ clubs that regularly organize their tournaments. The staging of ancient battles adds more effect to the Trakai castle. А tourist sometimes has a feeling that he is somewhere on a Medieval battlefield. In general Trakai exploits its historical heritage quite skillfully periodically organizing not only competitions for the knights in their armor but also different mass shows. A good example is the staging of the opera “Pilenai”.
This is what Trakai is unique for and well-known for like a resort area.Trakai is an exclusively unique city. As Venice or Saint-Petersburg it was built on the water. But in comparison with its colleagues Trakai doesn’t have any outlet to the sea. It’s surrounded by 5 lakes: Galve, Skaistis,  Luka, Totorishkiu and Akmena.Trakai castle as many other architectural monuments of the city  is the part of the Trakai Historical National Park.

Lovely is the nature of Trakai and its surroundings. Admirers of secluded and cosy hideaways and those who long for vast panoramas, wide open space and high skies can find much here to feast their eyes on.



Last update:2014-09-10