Daniliškių Mound and its settlement

Daniliškės village, Trakai district

Extended map view

In Trakai Eldership, Archeological museum of Daniliškės, next to the oldest village of Lithuanian Old Believers-Daniliškės (founded in 1548) and Sasonės Lake, lies a mound of the same name. The locals sometimes call it Totorių Hill. It was believed that sometime the Tartars settled here, however, archaeologists found no proofs of it. The mound is situated on a massive hill with steep slopes. You can see the fragments of a two-metre high and 45-meter long embankment on the eastern and western sides of the platform. Some investigations showed that there was a settlement next to the mound. It dates back to the first millennium. Archeological findings- hand shaped, rough-surfaced ceramics- helped to draw this conclusion. The findings are exhibited in the National Museum of Lithuania.

Source: www.keturiossostines.lt