Lithuanian language

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First of all, Lithuanian is a very old language. It is related to Sanskrit (a classical language of India) Latin and Ancient Greek.

It is a language spoken by about 4 million people and not included on the list of the 100 most spoken languages.

Learn Lithuanian before you arrive
Good evening – Labas vakaras
Hello – Labas (informal)
Goodbye – Viso gero
See you later – Iki pasimatymo
Thanks – Ačiū
Airport – Oro uostas
Bus station – Autobusų stotis
Railway station – Traukinių sotis
Bus stop – Stotelė
Ticket – Bilietas
Old town – Senamiestis
Street – Gatvė
Hotel – Viešbutis
Bank – Bankas
Shop – Parduotuvė
Pharmacy – vaistinė