Mound Strėva

Strėva, Trakai district
GPS: 54.594639, 24.7035

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Near the village and the river of the same name, on the right bank of Gilušis or Nepėras lake, there is mound Strėva. It can be reached from the highway Trakai – Prienai by crossing the river Strėva, turning right to the north, into the woods, turning right again after 50 m and driving along the forest road to its end. The mound dates back to the early 1st-2nd millennium. The mound was used in the 11th-15th centuries. In the course of archaeological research, a cultural layer and rough pottery ceramics were found there. The findings are stored in the National Museum of Lithuania. The ancient settlement was located just to the south of it, and there are 23 barrows of the 9th-12th century in the east. The barrows have been well preserved. During excavations, ironworks, such as sickles, stirrups, snaffles, etc. were found.