Countryside Accommodation in Trakai Region

Trakai region is an exceptional place, where history and nature have interlaced in harmonious unity.
The region is full of treasures: green forests, blue lakes and hospitable people.

Trakai is good known not only because of historical and cultural heritage but also it‘s famous because of its picturesque hills, forests and lakes as well. In order to preserve cultural monuments and nature in authentic natural environment, the Trakai Historical National and Aukstadvaris Regional Parks were founded. The parks contain picturesquely sited mounds, former castle sites, manors, ancient villages.

The tourism infrastructure in the region is rapidly developing. The town will never be urbanized but will be adjusted to tourism needs more and more flexibly. Cultural heritage, little affected by civilization nature will offer the travelers unforgettable impressions. The Town is beautiful at any time of the year…

Trakai and its surroundings offer a wide range of accommodation: from modern luxury hotels to private apartements and country houses.
The homesteads of rural tourism can also offer excellent conditions for recreation and business events.

Just a short drive back away from Trakai, you can enjoy the rural landscape and get back to nature.
Different homesteads provide a wide range of active recreation: walking trails and unexpected encounters in the countryside, horse riding, bicycle riding, active sports, water recreation, wildlife observation etc.

 Escape daily routine and enjoy the magic of nature!

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