Nighttime Leisure Activities in Trakai

* Go on a Night Walk
A simple walk around the Trakai Castle and Užutrakis Manor House – is a completely new experience for all of you at night. The streets are quieter. The sounds are different. You may even notice insects and wildlife you don’t usually see during the day.

* Audio Tourist Route „Talking History“
7 the most visited places in Trakai Old Town
This route is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the past, feel the medieval spirit of the city, get acquainted with places that remember the history of the city.

The route includes 7 historical places and objects of Trakai with recorded audio stories. The objects of the route are marked with information boards installed on the benches next to them. After scanning the QR code by your smartphone and selecting one of the 6 languages ​​(Lithuanian, English, German, Polish, Latvian and Russian), you will hear the beautiful story about particular place.

Click on the button “go to” next to each object or on tourist route map to find the exact location of the “talking” benches and GPS.

* SUP-boards Nights Tours
Night tours are so much unforgettable and breathtaking. A special lighting system reveals the wonders of being on the water at night in a way that simply cannot be experienced in the daylight hours. The LED system allows to see underwater life – small and large fishes long-standing boats, medieval fire rocks and other treasures hidden under the water.

The stars and the moon, the castle in front of you and the underwater world under the board create a magical atmosphere. There are many legends and fairy tales about the lake, the castle and the islands. Some of these stories will be told you during the tour.

* Night Tours by Clear Kayaks
Take the tour at night and enjoy kayaking under the moonlight! This tour provides the unique opportunity to paddle at night with LED lights illuminating the water around and below you. Explore underwater life without using any diving equipment. Look around and under you as you pass over lake life like fish, cancers, rocks and more.

* The Swing Park
Skip the sunburn, beat the crowds and enjoy a magical part of the day by visiting The Trakai Swing Park  in the evening or at night. One of the most favorite places in Trakai. Visit it not only at a day time, but in the evening as well. The park is decorated with light bulbs and a beautiful moonlight.

* Picnic on the lake in the floating BBQ raft
Less lake traffic at night makes for fewer waves and a more peaceful trip. It also offers the opportunity to hear and see wildlife when it tends to be most active. When was the last time you looked up and saw the Milky Way? Sagittarius?

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