The most Instagrammable places in Trakai region

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Trakai region? We’ve chosen eight cool spots that are guaranteed to blow up your feed. Camera phones at the ready… Up your Instagram pics and get snappy at these stunning Trakai landmarks. Don’t forget to use @trakaivisit when posting your best moments. Happy snapping!

*The Swing Park. Skip the sunburn, beat the crowds and enjoy a magical part of the day by visiting The Trakai Swing Park. One of the most favorite places in Trakai. Visit it not only at a day time, but in the evening as well. The park is decorated with light bulbs and a beautiful moonlight. You will feel a charm and a peaceful smile on your face and it just happens. Stop the time and capture those beautiful moments. (The crossing of Vytauto and Karaimų streets, by the lake Lukos; GPS: 54.644449,24.936750)

*Water entertainments. This is a broad area of photography, with many creative possibilities. This is a great way to get amazing photos. Diving, yachts, barbeque rafting, SUP-boards… with so many possibilities for water pics, which one will you choose? Take care of yourself and your camera gear!

*The Hill of Angels. This is a place for fostering human devotion and spirituality. It is spotted with plenty of finely crafted wooden angel sculptures, wrought sun-like crosses and life trees decorated with traditional national symbols. At this place it feels like everything paused for a moment and colors are flying in the sky just to paint the world.

*Užutrakis Manor House. Every wonderful thing you have ever heard about Užutrakis is true. It‘s gorgeous. Around every bend is a stunning view. Parterres of regular shape with trimmed lime alleys, ornamental flower gardens, marble vases and sculptures, hills with compositions of artificial rocks, ponds… How could we not want to go back? Just look at this place!

*Anupras Walking Way. The light of the forest plays with shadows and colours between the trees. It may be warm or cold, gloomy or bright, yet seen with one’s heart at ease, it is always safe, familiar, and beautiful. Have a moment of silence and concentrate on the sweet sounds of nature; we can feel the nature with our hands, feet, or even with our cheekbones; we can feel the unbelievable scents of the earth, trees and water, that so vividly change with the weather and seasons. Are you able to put these colors and smells on your pic…? (“TonyResort”, Anupriškės village 2, Trakai region; GPS: 54.70604, 24.901904)

*Varnikai Cognitive Walking Way. For outdoor lovers, it does not get any better than this place. Visit Varnikai at any time of year and you will have an incredible experience. Keep observing the colors, shades and patterns of the forest, sky and clouds. When you explore the little wonders and details in the wood with devotion, you lose sense of time. The forest is a world where time doesn’t matter.

*The Devil’s Pit. The Devil’s Pit is the ‘queen’ of the Lithuanian pits, surrounded by legends and myths. The Devil’s Pit is a special mythological sacral place. People tend to experience strange sensations having visited the Devil’s Pit and especially after going down to its very bottom. Add a mystery and intriguing element to your photo!

*Hot Air Balloon rides. Adventure for adrenaline junkies! Extreme hot air ballooning is much like its recreational counterpart, although it’s a bit of a longer, higher, faster or lengthier journey. Breathtaking flights and memorable experiences across a scenic places at sunrise or at sunset. Take a bird’s eye view pics!