The reconstruction of the Island Castle is already under way!

When travelling abroad to tourist spots, we often notice that some of the historic buildings are wrapped in “scaffolding”, which causes temporary inconvenience to visitors, but this is only a temporary situation.

🔸 Acropolis in Greece, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and several other World Heritage Sites are currently undergoing reconstruction, as a part of Milan Cathedral is covered in scaffolding.

All heritage sites are difficult to manage. The main task is to ensure safe access to the site for visitors.

👉 The restoration work on the approaches to the Island Castle has been ongoing since the autumn of 2022, and it has been several weeks since the work has taken place inside the castle.

ℹ️ Neverthless everyone is welcome to visit the museum and all of the shows are open to the public.

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The beauty of the Island Castle will be fully restored after the reconstruction works and new area and exhibitions will be opened to the public, as well as more comfortable conditions for visitors.

Information prepared by:
Trakai Tourism Information Centre