Trakai is celebrating its 700th Anniversary!

This year Trakai celebrates its 700th anniversary as a city. We will be celebrating this anniversary throughout the year with a variety of events. One of the highlights of the year will be the Trakai700 – the history goes on…

Trakai history started from a small settlement of the Old Trakai (3 km from Trakai). This village is associated with the names of Grand Dukes of Lithuania Gediminas, Kęstutis, Vytautas. During their rule, severe battles with the Teutonic Order took place in Lithuania. This settlement was the capital of Lithuania for about seven years (till 1323). The Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas was born here in 1350. After castles were constructed in the New Trakai, the castle of the Old Trakai lost its importance and was not subject to reconstruction. So the present Trakai grew in this way in the second half of the 14th century. In 14th – 15th centuries, Trakai played an important role in the battles with the Teutonic Order. In 1392 – 1492, the town was an important residence of the Grand Duke.

Mark your calendar for the Trakai 700th Anniversary Celebration events presented on

One of the biggest event will start at the first weekend of June by “Trakai Summer 2022”, the city will be filled with events and good company from Friday to Sunday. Hope you’ll join us!