Karaimų str. 53A, 55, Trakai
Ph.:  + 370 656 05942

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“Apvalaus stalo klubas” restaurant is a place for exceptional occasions where we always offer to enjoy the gourmand cuisine. Exclusivity of our new menu – historical Lithuanian cuisine cooking traditions using modern technologies. Dishes are spiced with herbs and berries, grown in the gardens of the restaurant hosts, and vegetables and fruit come from Lithuanian farmers.

For more elaboration of the dishes created by our restaurant’s chef, high attention is paid to wines. They are selected by a well – known Lithuanian sommelier.
If you are not in a hurry after a delicious lunch or dinner, believes spend a few more nice moments in our restaurant by the fireplace. Sit back in the comfortable armchairs and enjoy the crackling fire. Do you remember when have you done this last time? Drink some coffee and a dash of digestive.


Karaimų str. 53A, 55,Trakai
Ph.: + 370 656 05942

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