Trakų str. 2D, Trakai
GPS: N 54.644864, E 24.933869
Ph.: +370 686 39740
+370 528 59160

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 Cafe “KIUBETE” offers celebrations, events and tasting rooms for up to 30/35/40 and 10 guests. Two of those rooms (on the ground floor and on the first floor) may be combined and take up to 80 guests.
   Professionalism of Karaite Cafe cooks offers guests the opportunity to choose various options of the banquet menu, adapted to European culinary traditions.
   Its unique location will allow each visitor to plunge into Trakai atmosphere and in always breathing fresh environment take a break from the gray monotony of the big cities stone jungle.
   Dear managers and pilots of tour groups, call tel. +370 68639740 and your personal assistant will answer all your questions and develop a personalized menu with the wishes of all your guests.
   Your visit will be organized by our team of professionals!

Cuisine: Karaite, European.