“SENOJI KIBININĖ PICA” restaurant-pizzeria

Karaimų str. 63, Trakai
GPS: 54.65088,  24.92431
Ph.: +370 659 72132

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Founded in 1969, the “Senoji kibininė” continues to bake kybyns and preserve Karaite traditions. Kybyns in a variety of flavors, including pork, chicken, mutton, cottage cheese, mushrooms, and spinach, are available here. There is a taste for every gourmet, and the interior design, which is decorated with vintage furniture, kettles, scales, barrels, and lamps, contributes to the homely atmosphere.

The legendary “Senoji Kibininė”, which is famous in Trakai, was the first to be awarded the Culinary Heritage Foundation’s Culinary Heritage Label, which confirms the authenticity of the Karaim kybyns recipes. All the restaurants of “Senosoji Kibininė” that continue this tradition have been awarded not only the Culinary Heritage Foundation label, but also the “national heritage product certificates”.

To all those who want to get acquainted not only with the culture of Karaite cuisine but also with the taste of local pizza, we invite you to visit our pizza restaurant “SENOJI KIBININĖ PICA”, located at Karaimų str. 63, in Trakai (near the legendary “Senoji kibininė” restaurant).