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Privacy Policy

The Information We Collect

We will only collect personal identifiable information about you and given by you when you subscribe to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe from at any time by following the unsubscribe link in our email communications.

Purposes for which we use Information about our Users

We collect information about our users for a variety of purposes. These include:

  • where you supply information to us in order that we deliver a required service e.g. newsletters relevant to you and your interests, information will be processed by us to supply the information and material which we promise.
  • so we can communicate with you in response to a specific action performed by you on this site, e.g. send us a message, leave a review;
  • to help us improve and personalize our services, both on our own channels and third party channels.


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Cookies can be useful both for the site owner and the visitor. The owner can use this data to customise the pages, thus creating a better user experience. Cookies can for example remember which items you have put in your online shopping basket, or register which pages you visit or the length of your session.

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Cookies used for statistics
We use the statistics tool Google Analytics record the user’s browsing activity on These data cannot be traced back to you as an individual. We record information about which pages you open, how much time you spend on each page, and which city/area you are visiting from. Through the Google Analytics tool we can the study traffic, user patterns and trends. By gathering this data we get useful information which we can use to create a better web site.

We use cookies where the information is stored in a text file on your computer. This is a common practice. The Google Analytics cookie is a so-called first-party cookie. It has a setting that ensures that it deletes itself after 24 months if you do not return to this site. in accordance with Google’s guidelines for use of Google Analytics, no personal information about the users is stored. The collected data is stored in Google’s servers. You can read more about how Google collects and protects data on

Google Analytics anonymises your IP address before the data is stored by Google, meaning the stored IP address cannot be used to identify you as an individual.

Read more about the Google Analytics cookie policy >>>


Third party functions

Our site, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third parties. A common example is an embedded YouTube video. Our site includes the following which use cookies:

YouTube – Cookie Policy powers the videos on our site.

Advertising Cookies

Cookies are widely used in online advertising. Neither us, advertisers or our advertising partners can gain personally identifiable information from these cookies.

Remarketing Cookies

We also use the remarketing technologies provided by Google and Facebook. These technologies address users who have already visited our websites and other online services and indicated an interest in our offerings to be targeted with specific advertising as a part of the Google Partner or Facebook network. These ads are inserted with the help of cookies. These are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer. These text files help to analyse user behaviour when visiting our website and will then be subsequently used to direct advertising and product recommendations to the user based on his or her interests. The data about user behaviour will not be disclosed to third parties. Personal data, such as your email address, telephone number, credit card number, etc. will not be collected, processed or stored.

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