The Prehistory of the Hill of Angels

Angelų kalvos str., Būda village, Trakai eldership, Trakai district municipality

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Once upon a time being in a very good mood and caught by inspiration our Lord was busy creating the land of Trakai with a great number of  Angels assisting him in his daily works.

One day  after long-lasting rain showers many pits of different sizes pressed in by the Lord’s fingers  were filled up to the brims with water and the surface of numerous lakes sparkled mirroring the blue sky.

“What a beauty!” – Angel of Gentle Soul gave a happy cry. – “This is the nicest reflection of the sky ever seen! “

“You are just very fond of the lakes – smiled The Lord. But Angel of Gentle Soul did not listen, he was floating above those crystal clear waters wondering about  plentiful flocks of fish,  changing colors of the birds diving in the waves  and silky nets of water plants…He  left his hard-working brothers. Using a drooping branch as a swing while chasing colorful butterflies the little Angel forgot all his duties.

“He has lost his head over these lakes. Shouldn’t he help us instead of wasting time?” –Angel of Concern looked somewhat concerned indeed.

“He shall find his lost head again on the hill viewing 3 points in the town where people will worship Me thousands years from now.”– God smiled mysteriously.

As soon as the words fell one of the pits started rising rapidly and turned into a hill.

And a shape of the Trakai lakes seeing from the bird’s eye view resembled an angel who had no head.

Thousands of years have passed. Once people climbed onto the highest hill in the neighbourhood of Užutrakiai and from there they saw 3 towers lined up in one direction: of the two local churches and of an island castle in the midst of the lake. In all 3 places people used to worship God.

So it has been decided that this was the right place for the Hill of Angels.

And when this happened The Angel of Gentle Soul woke up, looked around and

exclaimed happily : “This is where my lost head is – right under a wing of a wooden Angel!”

Then he saw more wooden Angels around him silently listening to people praying. “Thank you, my Lord, for a larger protection cast over Trakai,”- thought the Angel before returning home.

Translated – Ina Reichert