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Since 1962, an exposition of the Trakai History Museum has been operating in the central building of Trakai Castle on the island, where you can wander around the old castle, examine its austere interior and many interesting exhibits.

Visitors get acquainted with the unique history of Trakai, its castles and Trakai region. Additional 16 exhibition halls are located in another section of the fortress, in the so-called casemates – fortifications that protect against shells. In the halls of the former casemates, you can see numerous objects of applied art – smoking pipes, clocks, furniture, china sets, sets of glass and bone products. There are also an abundance of coins, medals, old maps, hunting trophies, household utensils, knightly armor and weapons, valuable paintings.

In total, there are almost 400 thousand exhibits in the museum’s funds!

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To book guided tour: +370 665 26240 or

Tickets office at the Castle: +370 528 53 946

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