Varnikai Mound

Varnikai, Trakai eldership
GPS: 54.649753, 24.947248

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The mound is located in a beautiful place on a separate hill, about 130 meters to the north-east of Nerespinkos Lake and 170 meters to the south of Galvės Lake. While digging the mound,  Archeologists found hand shaped ceramics with granite particles in the clay used. Such ceramics was most common in the first millennium BC and the first centuries AD. This allows to make a presumption that Varnikai mound was inhabited very long ago. Varnikai is a mound having a platform, which suggests that it could not be used as an important defensive castle. However, it was perfect to hide or reconnoiter. Unfortunately, there are no written sources which could reveal the significance and functions of the mound in the historical path of Trakai very close to an important trade route to Vilnius.